Learning about Blended Learning

I have challenged myself to become a better blended learning instructor, and so I am taking an online course through Canvas specifically designed to help me do that.  In doing the reading this week, I learned that I am 1)already using most blended learning components, and 2)have a lot to learn about intentional design for my course.  For instance, the question raised by the text of “how much instruction will be replaced by online coursework” (Thomson) is something that I have been struggling to balance all year.  I teach 7th graders, and it’s unrealistic to assume that they will take a blended course in the same way that a college student would take a blended course.  But, the only models I’ve seen for blended learning have been the college level courses I am taking…so I’m blindly groping my way along, trying to strike the right balance between technology and personal support and help appropriate for 12-13 year olds.  I hope this course will teach me better ways to reach my students and to plan my blended instruction.

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