Using a Classroom Set of Chromebooks on Canvas LMS

2014-15 has been full of challenges for me and a lot of fun.  I wrote a grant for a set of Chromebooks for my classroom (and the other teachers in my department.)  I have been learning how to teach using these instead of the iPad set I had before.  I really like the versatility of having the keyboard, especially since I teach English and science now instead of just straight science.

I have had fun learning to use the Canvas LMS and teaching my students how to use it.  I love being able to have my students blog about what they are reading and record themselves doing poem recitations.  I also really enjoy the group settings and the easy peer reviews that give students such valuable feedback on their work.    The students LOVE being able to see each other’s work and comment on it. They like having a calendar and the to-do list keeps them on track and organized.  The rubric feature and the standards based grade book have also been valuable additions to my classroom–I can see at a glance which standards I have covered and because it is linked to my rubrics, I can also see which of my students have reached mastery.

I’m glad we made the switch to Chromebooks, although I do like the iPad better for other (different) (mostly science) things.  Having access to my old set of iPads and having a new set of Chromebooks is the best of all possible worlds.